Spin & Clean – the clean scrubber mop


Spin & Clean – the clean scrubber mop

  • Always a clean pad

    The rotating roller in the bucket thoroughly rinses and cleans the mop before each use.

  • Effective dirt removal

    The rotating then scrapes the mop surface to effectively remove dirt and hair. It allows thorough wringing and ensures a clean, dirt-free scrubber mop.

  • Easy and fast cleaning

    No need to bend down. The handle-driven system allows you to control the amount of water in the microfibre mop and makes for fast and easy cleaning.

Vileda Spin & Clean is available at:

Vileda Spin & Clean

Vileda Spin & Clean

This is an innovative bucket & mop set with a unique scrubbing roller. This will actively leave your floors clean with every wipe. Thanks to its special spinning mechanism with the handle and the bucket, this scrubber mop always provides you with a clean pad. This makes cleaning your floors that much easier!

Different movement speeds of the handle determine whether the pad gets soaked with water, is cleaned of dirt or is wrung dry:

  1. Slow movement speed and a white visible line on the frame: The pad rotates and is rinsed with water.
  2. Meanwhile, the roller scrapes off any dirt from the pad and leaves it clean every time.
  3. Fast movements of the handle will let the pad hover and rotate slightly above the roller and ensure thorough wringing.

Fill the bucket with water until it reaches the maximum filling level indicated by the sticker inside the bucket. If you put in too much water or want to remove the dirty water, simply pour it out of the front spout.

There is a special lock mechanism on the handle so the pad doesn’t rotate while cleaning with the mop. This scrubber mop has 360-degree movement which allows you to easily clean corners and even walls.

Discover the simple way to clean floors with our Spin & Clean scrubber mop: easy, fast and thorough. Spend less time cleaning, have more time for yourself!


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