Vileda Pur Active Viscose - with natural sponge


Vileda Pur Active Viscose - with natural sponge

Experience the eco-friendly Vileda Pur Active Viscose with viscose sponge for fast and thorough cleaning without damaging delicate surfaces. Thanks to its anti-scratch technology, it is an excellent product that effortlessly removes stains and grease from your pans, pots, cups, tiles and other materials.

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MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Pur Active Viscose natural scourer

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Pur Active Viscose natural scourer

Sustainability plays a big role in today’s world and plastic-free alternatives like bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars and eco-friendly containers like reusable bottles and jars are gaining popularity. To help make our world greener again, we designed a scourer which is partly made of regenerated cellulose - the Vileda Pur Active Viscose.

Of course, the quality and efficiency of our cleaning products is not reduced to this environmentally-friendly characteristic. The Pur Active Viscose scourer is three times as effective when cleaning dishes, tiles and other delicate surfaces as standard kitchen sponges . As parts of the scourers are made of natural renewable resources, they are very eco-friendly products which are partly biodegradable.

The super-absorbent biodegradable sponge used in the scourer makes it an excellent alternative to classic synthetic sponges or an average plastic scourer for the bath and kitchen. After using the scourer, simply rinse it thoroughly under clear water, especially when used with chemicals or other harsh cleaners. Thanks to its special wave structured polyurethane coating, the Pur Active Viscose does not just scrub away the stains, but lifts the dirt to allow for a gentle removal. This makes it suitable for all kinds of delicate hard surfaces like like porcelain, glass or Teflon.

After a daily cooking session, baked food residue sticks to the bottom of pots and pans. Our scourers ensure a stainless removal of heavy dirt without scratching or damaging the surface. (Always test on an inconspicuous area first!) Thanks to the ergonomic shape and the soft material of our cleaning supplies, the Vileda Pur Active Viscose perfectly fits in your hand and provides a pleasant touch.

On top of that, its compact design allows for easy and practical storage. Our scourers will meet your needs when it comes to thorough cleaning of your cookware, dishes or bathroom tiles. Discover the excellent scrubbing power of our smart household essentials and buy your Vileda Pro Active Viscose scourer now!


Use it wet

Use the Vileda Pur Active Viscose wet to gently remove persistent dirt from dishes, bathroom or kitchen tiles and more without damaging their surfaces.

Wash It

When needed, simply toss it into your washing machine at a maximum 60 °C. When fully dry, you can use it again.

Dispose of It

The natural sponge part of the scourer is biodegradable. You can separate the green abrasive layer from the rest of the scourer easily. Throw this part away and compost the sponge part.


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