How gloves help!

How gloves help!

Many infectious diseases are spread via our hands. Therefore it´s important to keep your hands clean and protect them.

How gloves help for maximum comfort & safety: Wearing disposable gloves helps during cleaning because it makes you aware of what you are doing with your hands and you are less likely to touch your face with gloved hands. This means that germs that stick to surfaces and thus get onto our hands cannot reach mouth, eyes or other sensitive areas of your body.

The usage of disposable gloves are the best choice for cleaning delicate areas (e.g. toilets) or removing infectious or unpleasant soiling (e.g. vomit or dog feces).

Disposable gloves should then be thrown away directly after use.

Learn from our glove developer Dr. Julia von Grote-Pastré not only which gloves to wear for which task and optimum safety, but also how to handle them professionally and take them off hygienically safe.


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