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What is it?


What is it?

The Turbo Spin Mop is a mop and bucket combo that has an integrated wringing mechanism which can be controlled via a foot-pedal, allowing you to easily wring out the water from your mop to your desired level of moisture.

Where can I use it?


Where can I use it?

The Turbo Spin Mop is suitable for all hard floor surfaces, including wood and laminate – no need to have one for your kitchen and another for the living room – if it’s got a hard floor, the Turbo Spin Mop is the answer.

How will it transform my mopping experience?


How will it transform my mopping experience?

Firstly let’s talk about the star of the show – the integrated wringer. We touched on this earlier but here’s how it works…When you come to wring out your mop you put your mop into the bucket as normal, but instead of having to use your own strength to wring out the mop, you simply press down on the foot pedal and the integrated wringer will spin around draining any excess water you don’t need. You can even control your desired amount of mop dampness with the level of pressure you apply to the foot pedal – how great it that?


Next let’s talk about the mop itself. The mop head has a 2in1 microfibre head that picks up all those pesky little dirt particles, and with microfibre cleaning power there’s no need to use harsh chemicals as it’s effective enough in removing germs with just water.


The mop head has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible with a triangular shaped head to help you reach all of those awkward corners and crevices – the area dirt seems to congregate to the most!


Finally (and this really is the icing on the cake), here at Vileda we know how annoying it can be when you’re carrying and pouring water from the mop bucket and due to the size, shape and weight, water often spills out everywhere. That’s why the Turbo Spin Mop buckets have a horizontal handle as well as an integrated handle holder to help with carrying avoiding any unwanted mess.


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