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Vileda VR101 Cleaning Robot

The Vileda VR101 Cleaning Robot helps keep your floors clean on a regular basis! The VR101 is a broom and vacuum rolled into one so is great for sweeping and dusting all kind of hard floors and short-pile carpets or rugs. Sit back and relax while the robot takes the effort out of cleaning your floors!



4-Stage Cleaning Process

Side brushes sweep the dirt towards the brush bar. 2- Brush bar sweeps up large dust particles. 3- Long centre brush sweeps any dirt left behind towards the brush bar. 4- Vacuum removes leftover fine particles.

2 Cleaning Programmes

Choose between two cleaning programmes- 20 minute cycle for smaller rooms and 60 minutes for larger rooms.



Ability to clean hard floors, rugs and short-pile carpets up to 1cm. With rubber bumper for improved furniture protection.

Removable Brush Bar

Easy to remove brush bar, For easier cleaning, great for pet hair.


Drop Sensors

New and Improved IR sensor detects and avoids drops like stairs.

Corner Cleaning

Designed to reach corners more easily and cleans under and between furniture with a streamlined design.


Vileda Brand

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