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Vileda cleaning robot VR 301 - the next generation of cleaning


Vileda presents VR 301 cleaning robot 

The Vileda VR 301 vacuum cleaning robot ensures a constant degree of cleanliness for your floors - on a daily basis, if you feel like it! It is suitable for any type of hard floors and also works on short-pile carpets.


How does it work?

Vileda Relax Plus three step cleaning mode


Three-step cleaning model

A powerful three-step cleaning system consisting of a side brush, two main brushes and a vacuum picks up dirt particles, dust and crumbs.

Lateral brushes for side and edge cleaning

Rotating brushes for particle pick up

Vacuum power for picking up dust and hair

Vileda Relax Plus ideal for all hard floors

Ideal for all hard surfaces and short-piled carpets

The VR 301 cleaning robot performs best on all hard surfaces and is even able to clean short-piled carpets.

Intelligent navigation system

Thanks to the intelligent navigation system it moves intelligently around your house, all by itself.


Vileda cleaning robot VR 301 - Features

Contactless obstacle recognition

The VR 301 recognizes obstacles without touching them. 

Power station for automatic charging

The VR 301 vacuum cleaning robot heads automatically back to its power station, when the battery gets low. 



The timer makes managing your Vileda vacuum robot VR 301 even more convenient. No need to bend down to program the robot.

Cliff sensors

The cliff-detection system protects your VR 301 vacuum robot from falling down stairs.

Enlarged dustbin

A larger dustbin (0.35l vs. 0.25l of Vileda Relax) enables the VR 301 vacuum cleaning robot to collect more dust and dirt.


Further Features

Short, medium and long cleaning program

NiMH battery

2 years warranty


Vileda Brand

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