Sustainability at Freudenberg

For Freudenberg as a values-based technology group in family ownership, we define total success as financial success plus fulfilling our responsibility for society. These two inseparable goals have been a central part of our corporate values for over 165 years.

Our Values and Principles have always embraced the Group’s responsibility for society. Sustainability is one way by which we demonstrate this responsibility. Our Values and Principles date back to 1887, the year in which Carl Johann Freudenberg first made his sons partners in the family business.

The constant quest for increased Sustainability is a key driver for Innovation. At the same time, Innovation results in moresustainable processes and products.The one drives the other. Innovation can contribute to Sustainability by having a direct positive impact on our Footprint and Handprint. Fundamentally, the more we innovate, the more sustainable our processes and products will become. The more sustainable our products, the larger the Handprint will be for our customers and the end-users of Freudenberg products.

We are constantly innovating together with our customers and our research partners to develop the leading-edge technologies, products, solutions and services that we all need to ensure a sustainable future.



Save energy with high-tech lubricants

High-tech lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, a brand of Freudenberg, reduce friction  between components and save energy compared with conventional oils. Energy costs can be cut by approximately five percent – a bonus for the environment and the company.


New products from used PET bottles

The Freudenberg Performance Materials facility in Novedrate, Italy, processes several million PET bottles daily, turning them into plastic flakes. They are the base material for various Freudenberg products, particularly household products and nonwovens. Waste is recycled, natural resources.


Reduce production waste

Many Freudenberg sites have launched initiatives to improve the eco-balance, for example by recycling waste and thus reducing waste volumes. One such project is called “Zero Landfill.” At the location in Colmar, France, production waste was cut by 20 percent compared with the previous year.

Substitution of toxic substance

SurTec, a brand of Freudenberg, developed a health-friendly chromium (III) coating to protect against corrosion for use in the surface treatment of metal. This replaces toxic chromium (VI), which has a carcinogenic effect.


Less friction for lower fuel consumption

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ Levitex, a gas lubricated mechanical seal for crankshafts, functions nearly friction-free. The primary ring interacts with a mating ring to form a cushion of air on which the primary ring independently floats. Air “lubrication” produces less friction than any oil and achieves an almost identical sealing performance.

  Reduce CO2 emissions in production

By implementing new efficient power units into existing production machinery, our Business Group Vibracoustic could significantly reduce the energy consumption at its facility in Cerkezköy, Turkey. This not only helps saving energy costs but also reduces the machineries CO2 emissions by almost 700 tons every year.
Purify wastewater to drinking water

Viledon Water Solutions with Aquabio technology from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies are used in the food and beverage industry to treat water from the production process. The membranes used guarantee the reliable separation of solid particles and bacteria. Using reverse osmosis filtration and an additional disinfection stage, up to 70 percent of the wastewater can be purified to drinking water quality. These solutions help save energy and lower the cost of operating the filtration plant, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


Seals for safer oil production

EagleBurgmann, a joint venture between Freudenberg and the Japanese Eagle Industry Group, delivers mechanical seals and seal supply systems for pumps and compressors in use at the most modern oil platform in the world off the Norwegian coast. EagleBurgmann has longterm experience in the oil industry and benefits its customers with valuable technological know-how.

  Patients and staff benefit from Innovation

Freudenberg Medical’s coated ballon catheters release drugs into the body exactly where they are needed. The special compounds and innovative coating process have a better and longer-lasting effect – with just a third of the drugs normally required. This reduces the side effects for patients, decreases toxic waste at the medical center and reduces costs.


Vileda Brand

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