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Don't fight the dirt - prevent it!
With Magical™, your home stays clean for longer.


Fed up with wiping those water marks on your shower cabin, tiles, taps and glass over and over again? No sooner have you cleaned the bathroom, it´s time to clean again!

Now, with the dual action of Vileda® Magical™ Cloth + Spray System, this is a thing of the past!

Vileda® Magical provides the cleaning power of a unique microfibre cloth with a specially formulated spray, which when combined, cleans and gives your surfaces a water repellent effect, thereby preventing the formation of watermarks and limescale.

With Magical, your home stays clean for longer.

Easy and long lasting cleaning:

Vileda Magical cleaning system
Spray the liquid on the entire surface
Vileda Magical cleaning system
Wipe - the cloth cleans and distributes the liquid homogeneously 

Enjoy - your clean surface will stay clean for longer!

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