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Clean floors every day with VR 302 vacuum cleaning robot!


You want your home clean, with dust free floors, but have no time to vacuum-clean each day? Then let somebody else do the work for you!

Discover Vileda's latest vacuum cleaning robot VR 302 - your everyday hero.

Product details:

sidebrushes + main brush 
+ vacuum power

up to 50% additional suction
power and
optimized speed
for deep cleaning
 high efficient
double filter system
 up to 90min
Lithium Ion power
Vileda VR 302 three step cleaning process Vileda VR 302 max mode suction power  Vileda VR 302 high efficient double filter system  Vileda 302 lithium ion power 
Programmable feature
for timed cleaning
low noise level ideal for pet hair
Vileda VR 302 programmable Vileda VR 302 low noise level Vileda VR 302 ideal for pet hair

 3 cleaning routes:
spiral, zig-zag and auto

Vileda VR 302 spiral mode Vileda VR 302 zig zag mode Vileda VR 302 auto mode

Accessories included:

docking station remote control charger XL dust box +
filter system
Vileda VR 302 docking station Vileda VR 302 remote control Vileda VR 302 charger Vileda VR 302 dust box and filter
2 sidebrushes

Li-Ion battery -
for long lasting and continuous power

maintenace brush
Vileda VR 302 side brushes Vileda VR 302 Li-Ion battery Vileda VR 302 maintenance brush

Vileda Brand

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