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Vileda ViRobi Slim - your new little helper!

Just vacuumed the floor, and only a few moments later dust and hair appear again? Then it's time to use the new Vileda ViRobi Slim - your new ally against dust and hair!

What is new?

ViRobi super slim design


Thanks to its new super slim design of only 45 mm height, it cleans even those hard to reach places you never easily accomplished to reach before: under your sofa, your bed, your cabinets. 

Vileda ViRobi Slim cleans under furniture

Thanks to its low height (only 4.5 cm) it now reaches really under all your low furniture!

Vileda ViRobi Slim new cleaning performance

NEW pads with Vileda dust catching power for better performance. Still backwards compatible with first generation ViRobi.

Vileda ViRobi Slim disposable pad

Velcro fixation to make the pads stick to ViRobi slim.

Vileda ViRobi Slim disposable pad

Pads can be used several times before being disposed.

Vileda ViRobi Slim ideal for pet hair cleaning

Ideal to clean pet hair.

Vileda ViRobi Slim new tires for less sound

A new tire pattern for a lower and constant sound level. It navigates around autonomously.

Vileda ViRobi Slim new battery type

The new battery lasts twice as long (compared to previous model) and has less self-discharging effect.

Vileda ViRobi Slim with two cleaning programmes

Two cleaning programms for you to choose (30 min and 120 min).


Vileda Brand

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