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Vileda Steam Cleaner

Vileda Steam


A revolutionary cleaning method

Children playing on the ground, dust allergies, or the dog running through the appartment... In many cases wiping only is not enough if you want to hygienize and desinfect your floors.

For those cases, Vileda has developed the revolutionary Steam Cleaner!


Vileda presents the new STEAM cleaner

The new Vileda Steam ensures the thorough-cleaning of your floors. It is suitable for any type of hard floors and carpets or rugs, just by adding the appropriate accesory. Vileda STEAM allows to kill 99.9% of E.coli Bacterium.

Vileda Steam Cleaner

For all types of floors

You can use Vileda Steam on all smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles, stone floors, or laminate and parquet. Simply adjust the amount of vapor emissions accordingly.

Vileda Steam Cleaner

Carpet gliding

With Vileda Steam you can even clean and hygienize your carpets. Simply attach the included carpet-glider under the cover.


Vileda Steam Cleaner

Without chemicals

To clean, you do not need any detergents or chemicals. You will be able to clean and sanitize your floors with steam and the microfibers.

Vileda Steam Cleaner

Easy to use

Its low weight and flexible shape make the Steam cleaner very easy to use. Its 6m long cord allows you to reach every corner in your house.


How to use it


Vileda Steam Cleaner

Fill the tank with water until it is visibly full. Warning! Tank capacity is 0.4 litres. Do not fill the tank above the maximum capacity. Fit the filler cap by turning it firmly clockwise and ensure the filler cap is firmly secured.

Vileda Steam Cleaner

Insert the plug into the electricity socket. Press the "On/Off" button placed on the back side of the appliance to the "On" position. The Vileda Steam cleaner will now start heating up the water inside the tank.


Vileda Steam Cleaner

The LED on the water tank will be green, meaning that the appliance is now heating the water. It takes 15 seconds for the water inside the product to heat up and reach the working temperature.

Vileda Steam Cleaner

Regulate the desired volume of steam using the selector switch. You can now start using your Vileda Steam!


Vileda Brand

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