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Vileda Actifibre - The Next Generation Microfibre

Vileda Actifibre Experience


Actifibre - Experience the best streak free clean ... in just one wipe!


Actifibre is the next generation in cloth technology that's even better than a microfibre.

It cleans like the best microfibres, but with a unique Actifibre coating technology, it cleans, absorbs and retains liquids like no other cloth, to leave your surfaces streak free clean

It just loves all kinds of mess - honey, jam, juice, milk, wine, Bolognese sauce...


Actifibre - Features

Vileda Actifibre - Absorbent

Actively absorbent

Better absorbency than microfiber. Absorbs 100ml of liquid and fully retains it.

Vileda Actifibre - Cleaning Performance

High cleaning performance

Microfibre - Tackles tough stains, even without chemicals!

Vileda Actifibre - Streak Free

Streak free cleaning

The best streak-free clean you will ever experience... in just one wipe!.


Actifibre - Pleasant Touch

Pleasant touch

Soft to use. No prickly touch

Actifibre - Multi surface

Multi surface

Can be used on multiple surfaces





  • For best results, rinse thoroughly before use
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not use with chlorine bleach or softeners



Vileda Brand

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