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Cordless Hot Spray Mop

Vileda 100° Hot Spray


The new Vileda 100°C is a Hot Spray Mop that allows you to experience the ultimate cordless hygienic cleaning.

You can use your Vileda 100°C all around your house, using it without cable!  


Removes 99.9% of bacteria

Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop easily removes 99,9% of Bacteria from your floors (tested on Bacteria E.Coli) without any use of chemicals! 


Main features

Vileda 100° Hot Spray


You can use your Vileda 100°C all around your apartment without cable!

Vileda 100° Hot Spray

Easy Cleaning Microfibre

The unique 3D microfibre pad will quickly let the hot water penetrate through the knitted material onto the surface, allowing a perfect cleaning performance. 

Vileda 100° Hot Spray

For all types of floors

Vileda 100°C can easily be used on all type of floors. Please read all the usage information included in the instruction manual.

Vileda 100° Hot Spray

Easy to use

The 100°C is lightweight and its triangular shape allows effective cleaning also in corners.


Ready to use in 90 seconds -

3 simple steps:

Vileda 100° C

Fill the tank with water. No need to add any chemicals.

Vileda 100° C

Plug in the cable and push the ON/OFF button: Vileda 100° C will be ready in 90 seconds!

Remove the cable from the appliance and start using the product around your apartment cordless!

Vileda 100° C

You can use the appliance by simply pulling the trigger. The hot water will then be sprayed out from the bottom through the microfibre pad.  


Vileda Brand

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