Magical – Prevent Dirt and Anti Fog!


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Panno Magic in supermicrofiber. The Magic Cloth cleans thoroughly with the power of millions of fine super Microfibres..

Magical Liquid Solution 500ml The liquid makes your surfaces water repellent, thereby preventing the settling of dirt and limescale.


Only 3 moves

Spray Spray the water repellent liquid on the surface you need to treat. Magical works on all vertical surfaces (shower cabins, windows , tiles, mirrors, ..)

Wipe Wipe clean and distribute the liquid evenly over the whole surface and let it dry for a few seconds

Enjoy the clean longer Say goodbye to water stains and limescale marks: with Magical your home stays clean for longer



How it works

Without Magical The friction of the surfaces does not allow droplets to slide away, which when dried become dirt and limescale

With Magical Magical creates on the surfaces a micro-thin protective and invisible layer, making them water repellent and sliding away the hard water

…so dirt just slides away! With Magical, water and dirt slides away from vertical surfaces don’t leaving dirt and limescale marks when you have just finished cleaning



Use it everywhere


On Taps - anti-watermark action

On Glass – anti-splash action


On Tiles - anti-limescale action

On Mirrors - anti-fog action


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