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Windomatic Vacuum Cleaner – Effortlessly cleans windows, leaving no watermarks for a streak free finish every time.

Who doesn’t like having clean and sparkling windows?

The issue is that cleaning windows can be tiring and time-consuming. It's difficult to get great results without leaving any water marks, and also, prevent water from dripping on the window sill and floor.

This is where the Vileda Windomatic can help!

effortlessly window cleaning with Vileda Windomatic

This innovative window vacuum cleaner, combines the two most time-consuming steps of the cleaning process (wiping and drying) into one. Allowing you to achieve the results you have always dreamed of.

Watermarks, fingerprints and dust are no longer a problem, the Windomatic can be used to clean:

  • Glass;
  • Mirrors;
  • Car windows;
  • It even picks up liquid spills.

Want to find out more about this revolutionary window vacuum cleaner?

Main features

designed to dry windows efffortlessly

Streak free Shine

The Vileda Windomatic was designed to dry windows effortlessly whilst leaving a streak free finish with no drops water on windows sills or floors.

Windomatic works like a hand vacuum

Conquering dirt

Handprints, dust, water marks – no problem. After the surface has been washed with a method of choice, the Windomatic works like a hand vacuum, the blade sucks up all liquid & dirt on the window – or any other smooth surfaces, such as mirrors or glass tables.


Suction across the full blade

The Windomatic powerfully vacuums up water and dirt into its integrated water tank. Thanks to its special designed rubber lip and its suction power over the full width of the head, no streaks or water droplets will remain on the surface.

Flexibility for optimal use

Flexibility for optimal use

As a special feature, the Windomatic has a flexible head this ensures the blade stays in contact with the surface and cleans even corners and edges – achieving a fantastic result with less effort.

ergonomically designed

Easy handling

The ergonomical designed grip on the handle and light weight give a comfortable experience when in use.

Total convenience - cleaning after use is quick and easy

Total convenience

Cleaning after use is quick and easy. Remove the water tank in just 1 step. This can then be cleaned under the tap or put in the dishwasher. So it’s then ready for use next time, simply plug it in and let it charge.


How does it work?

Re-experience window cleaning

Re-experience Cleaning

The Windomatic lets you achieve and enjoy sparkling results you’ve always dreamed of – in less time, leaving you more time to relax.

Step 1: wash window as usual

Step 1
Wash the window with a method of your choice.

Step 2: pull downwards and horizontally for streak free shine

Step 2
Pull the Windomatic first downwards and then horizontally to achieve a streak free shine.

Tip: from time to time use a microfibre cloth to clean the rubber lip

Vileda Brand

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