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Indoor Dryer- Mixer 4

Indoor Dryer- Mixer 4

Quick Overview

Vileda Mixer 4


The Vileda Mixer 4:

Dry your laundry across four levels Those who don’t have a lot of space to spare in their home for a conventional indoor dryer will love the Vileda Mixer 4. It allows your laundry to be spread vertically across four levels, meaning you get the most out of the space you have.

A tower for your laundry

At just under 1.7 metres high, the Vileda Mixer 4 is a real giant among clothes dryers. There is room for up to four loads of laundry across the four drying levels. At the same time, it takes up relatively little space: Its base area measures just 71 cm². This means it can even fit into most shower cubicles (with a diagonal of at least 100 cm). Particularly practical: The drying levels can be folded down into the centre of the tower so that long items of laundry have enough space to dry hanging freely on the Vileda Mixer 4. To provide enough space for every item of laundry on the dryer, each level can be fully or half folded down. If you have less laundry than usual, the frame can be collapsed on one side thanks to the Flex joint. This means that the Vileda Mixer 4 takes up half as much space and can be positioned directly up against a wall, for example.

Other special features of the Vileda Mixer 4

The Vileda Mixer 4 has a range of other practical features. For example, it has an integrated attachment for smaller garments, which can be used to dry items such as socks, underwear and face cloths. The items can be easily inserted into the notches on the attachment and there is no need to use clothes pegs. Shirts and blouses dry best when they are hanging loosely. For this reason, the Vileda Mixer 4 features two clothes hanger holders, each with space for up to four hangers. This means that clothing items that are prone to creasing are already straightened out, lightening your load on the ironing board. The Vileda Mixer 4 comes with four rotating wheels, so you can position the dryer flexibly wherever suits you best. These wheels allow the dryer to be pushed easily in any direction – even when fully loaded.

Stable space-saving miracle

The Vileda Mixer 4 is made of coated steel; the joints, feet and attachments of the airer are made of robust, hard-wearing plastic. This makes the dryer exceptionally sturdy.

When it is folded flat, the Vileda Mixer 4 takes up very little space. For example, it could fit in your wardrobe or in a narrow gap between an item of furniture and a wall. To fold down the dryer, start by releasing the drying racks on both sides and fold these down. You can then fold in the frame on both sides. The wheels help you to store your Vileda Mixer 4 tower dryer.

Advantages of the Vileda Mixer 4:

- Four drying levels for up to four loads of laundry

- Drying racks and frame can be folded flexibly

- Four rotating wheels for easy movement

- Includes an attachment for smaller garments and a clothes hanger holder


1 Vileda Mixer 4

1 attachment for smaller garments

Technical data:

Dimensions (when assembled): 71 x 71 x 169 cm (L x D x H)

Colour: White

Three-year warranty

Manufactured in Italy

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Vileda Brand

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