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The new Relax cleaning robot - let it clean for you!

Relax, it cleans for you

The Relax Cleaning Robot works with an efficient three-step cleaning system, collecting and retaining dirt, dust and hair at one press of a button.


Main features

Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot

Intelligent Navigation Program

It detects obstacles and continues cleaning

Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot

Soft Bumper

Equipped with a soft-bumper to maximize furniture protection

Vileda Relax Robot

Drop sensors

Specially designed to avoid falling down stairs

Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot


Easy to empty. Bagless.

Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot

It cleans everywhere!

The reduced height enables it to clean under all furniture


For optimal performance make sure you maintain your robot regularly


5 easy steps for maintenance:

  1. Empty the dustbin
  2. Clear the filter mesh
  3. Clean the main brushes
  4. Clean the vacuum inlet cover
  5. Wipe over the drop sensors

Vileda Brand

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