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Indoor Dryer - UNIVERSAL

Indoor Dryer - UNIVERSAL

Quick Overview

Vileda Indoor Dryer UNIVERSAL


The classic model among clothes dryers

Is there anything better than the smell of freshly washed laundry? Wet clothes dry quickly and easily on the Vileda Universal dryer. It is stable, manufactured to a high standard and provides enough space for up to two loads of laundry, making it just the right size for a one or two-person home.


Lots of room for your laundry

even when space in your home is limited The Vileda Universal is the classic model among clothes dryers. The simple winged dryer provides enough room for plenty of laundry, even when space is limited. It can be easily set up in the basement, in the home, or even out on the balcony or patio. If you want to dry your laundry in the garden, a rotary dryer is the best option. When the two wings are folded out, the Vileda Universal is just under 2 metres long and approximately 55 cm wide. You can dry socks, trousers and t-shirts across the 18-metre long drying length – enough to hold around two loads of laundry.

High-quality manufacturing, reasonable price

This dryer stands out due to its simplicity and low price. It is manufactured to a high standard and is made of robust and hard-wearing steel. A special coating protects it against scratches or damage when it is being moved from room to room. It is very stable and extremely unlikely to tip over when laundry is distributed across it evenly. A slide-on part on the frame prevents the Vileda Universal from collapsing accidentally.

Easy to put up and take down

The crossed base frame makes the dryer extremely easy to put up and take down. When it has been folded down, the Vileda Universal can be stored almost anywhere. The small wheels on one side of the frame make it easy to move the airer around. The transport lock holds the two wings together when the dryer is closed so that they cannot open accidentally as you are moving it.

The advantages of the Vileda Universal:

- Space for two loads of laundry

- Stable design

- Easy to put up and take down

- Easy to move around thanks to the wheels and transport lock


Vileda Universal Technical data:

Dimensions: 199 x 55 x 93 cm (L x D x H)

Material: Coated steel

Manufactured in Italy

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