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Indoor dryer- mixer 3

Indoor dryer- mixer 3

Quick Overview

Mixer 3


A compact space-saving miracle:

The Vileda Mixer 3 Where can you put your washed laundry when your flat is too small, you don’t have a balcony or there’s no room on it because of the parasol and barbecue? The Vileda Mixer 3 tower dryer offers just as much drying space as a winged dryer but takes up much less room.

Anything but bulky

The Vileda Mixer 3 tower dryer is a real space-saving miracle. When assembled, it measures just 71 x 71 x 132 cm. Unlike a bulky winged dryer, the Vileda Mixer 3 can even fit inside small flats. It can even be put in a narrow corridor or on a small balcony. If all else fails, you can even put it in the shower. The special feature: Rather than extending outwards, it extends upwards with up to three levels. It seems small at first glance, but the dryer can hold three full loads of laundry.

 Flexible assembly for any situation

The Vileda Mixer 3 tower dryer consists of a sturdy frame made of coated steel and three rack levels. Each level comprises two individual rack parts that can be folded up or down independently of one another. This allows you to adapt the dryer to your specific requirements. If space is limited, stand the dryer directly against a wall and only fold out the rack parts on one side. If you have washed longer items of clothing, only use the top rack so that trousers or floor-length dresses have enough room to dry. Have you done a big load? Then fold out all the racks. To do this, all you’ll need is floor space with a diagonal of around one meter.

Accessories for specific items of laundry

The Mixer 3 has a range of accessories to make hanging your laundry easier. There are two holders for clothes hangers on the frame. Shirts, dresses and blouses dry particularly well and end up with fewer creases when you hang them on a clothes hanger. An attachment for small garments is also included. This provides additional space for smaller items of clothing such as socks or underwear.

Moving and storing the Vileda Mixer 3

Have visitors come around unexpectedly? Not a problem with the Mixer 3 from Vileda! It has four freely rotating wheels so you can easily roll the airer into another room, even when it is fully loaded. When you have removed your laundry, you can fold away the airer quickly and easily. When folded, the Mixer 3 is so narrow that you can easily slide it into a gap between the wall and a cupboard, shelf or washing machine.

The advantages of the Vileda Mixer 3:

• Takes up very little floor space

• Holds up to three loads of laundry

• Stable design

• Three individually folding rack levels

• Easy to move thanks to the four wheels

• Attachments for clothes hangers and smaller garments

Content: 1 Vileda Mixer 3

Technical data:

Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 132 cm

Material: Coated steel Manufactured in Italy

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