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Indoor dryer- Genius 70

Indoor dryer- Genius 70

Quick Overview

Indoor dryer- Genius 70


Vileda Genius 70

Vileda Genius 70: Flexible wall-mounted drying rack


Are you assembling your rotary dryer just for a small load of laundry? There’s no need. The compact Vileda Genius 70 wall-mounted drying rack is perfect for small loads of laundry and can be used flexibly indoors or outdoors. When it’s not in use, you can push the rack together to save space and simply use it as a towel rail or shelf.


For small loads of laundry


Clothes airers and rotary dryers are simply too large when all you need to do is dry half a load of laundry or a few delicates after a hand wash. The Vileda Genius 70 wall-mounted drying rack is a space-saving alternative when you just want to dry a few items. With a drying length of 5 metres across several aluminium rods, the drying rack is exactly what you need for an interim load of laundry. The rods are particularly thick, which prevents pressure folds on your clothes.


Easy to mount – inside or outside


The Vileda Genius 70 can be easily mounted to the wall and doesn’t require a lot of space: When it is extended, the wall-mounted drying rack only takes up 70 x 38 cm. Two mounting options are included with the product. One pair of brackets is intended for indoor use, for example in the bathroom or the laundry room. The other pair is intended for outdoor use, for example on a balcony or patio. As the Vileda Genius 70 is attached to a wall, it cannot fall over in strong winds, unlike a conventional airer. It is made of plastic and corrosion-resistant aluminium, which makes it weatherproof.


Maximum flexibility


Can’t decide where to hang the drying rack? Install both pairs of brackets in places inside and outside where you intend to use the drying rack. Then you can simply attach and detach the drying rack and move it between the two locations as needed. When the weather is nice, we recommend using the rack outdoors as the sun and wind will dry your laundry particularly quickly. If it’s raining, you can simply hang up your towels, trousers and blouses in the bathroom.



After drying: Save space by pushing the rack together


A wall-mounted drying rack takes up less space than a rotary dryer, for example. The Vileda Genius 70 also features a telescopic system. When the rack is not in use, you can simply push it together. It then lies flat against the wall and can be easily pulled out again as and when required. When it is closed, you can use is as a towel rail or shelf space, for example.


Advantages of the Vileda Genius 70:


    - Straightforward mounting to the wall

    - Can be used indoors or outdoors

    - Possible to move the rack between two locations

    - Space-saving telescopic system

    - Drying length of 5 metres




1 Vileda Genius 70


1 fixture for indoors


1 fixture for outdoors


Technical data:


Dimensions when extended out: 70 x 38 x 6 cm (L x D x H)


Material: Aluminium, plastic


Manufactured in Italy

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