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Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner

Quick Overview

Don’t strain yourself bending over or stretching when cleaning your bathtub. Take a look at Vileda's bathroom cleaning tool – you’ll be amazed how simple and painless bathroom cleaning can be.


The bathroom is your dedicated space for personal care and welfare. But when it's time to clean, it becomes often a real chore always bending and stretching. Then Vileda bathroom cleaner is made for you! Vileda developped a special cleaning tool to remove all bathroom dirts (water stains, limescale, etc.) without efforts. Thanks to its extendable handle, its swivel hexagonal head and its detachable non scratching sponge, clean all the difficult to reach areas in your bathroom will be so easy! Vileda bathroom cleaner usage is flexible: the sponge can be used separately for small surfaces or it can be used with the handle for wall tiles, bathtub, shower cab, etc.

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