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The Vileda Premium 5 Floor Cleaning System

The Premium 5 flat mop system is the only system with 5 special features to ensure superior cleaning performance and comfort while cleaning.

1) Its Extra wide frame (40cm x 10cm) is larger than standard flat mops and covers more floor surface area.
2) Includes two Microfibre pads for streak free floors; one for wet cleaning and one for dusting and sweeping.
3) Swivel head to clean hard to reach places
4) Ergonomic, telescopic handle that can be adjusted for comfortable cleaning
5) The only flat mop with a dedicated spin wringer bucket.*


Premium 5 Mopping Pad

Mopping Pad

The 100% Microfibre Mopping Pad cleans the toughest dirt and cuts through grease and grime on all hard floors.

Premium 5 dry pad

Dusting & Sweeping Pad

The 100% Microfibre Dusting Pad has finely looped ends for maximum dust particle and allergen pick up.

Cleaning tip: The Dusting Pad is also suitable for wet mopping wooden floors and delicate floors. It can also be used to dry your floors after wet mopping.



The Vileda Premium 5 system is the only flat mop with a dedicated Spin Wringer Bucket. *

Vileda Premium 5 Bucket


Premium5 Bucket

Premium 5 Spin Wringer Bucket

Robust design features with built-in, extra wide wringer and durable foot pedal. Wring out your mop pads without wetting your hands!

How to wring the pad dry with the Premium 5 Bucket

Premium 5 - Wringing Instruction

Make sure all the pad buttons are locked into place.

Premium 5 - Wringing Instruction 3

Use your foot to press the release button then fold the mop head.

Premium 5 - Wringing Instruction 4

Fill the bucket with water (up to the maximum mark indicated) then rinse the pad.

Cleaning tip: You can add your preferred cleaning solution however due to the cleaning power of its microfibres you can clean your floors without the use of chemicals.

Premium 5 - Wringing Instruction 4

Place the wet pad into the wringer. Use your foot to press the foot pedal up and down to activate the spin wringer mechanism. Ensure that you are holding the mop handle while the wringer is spinning.

Premium 5 - wringing

You can control how dry you want your pad to be.  The more you spin the wringer, the drier your pad will become.




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