Vileda Miraclean helps clean stubborn marks and stains from multiple surfaces.


Sometimes mistakes happen, sometimes kids paint on the wall! That’s why you need Miraclean, which helps clean stubborn marks and stains from multiple surfaces.



Magically cleans stubborn marks and stains

Miraclean is made from melamine, a special foam material. It can easily remove crayon & texta marks, tea & coffee stains and grease. Use to remove marks and grime from painted walls, wood finishings, tap ware, tiles and glass.


Easy to use

Clean stains or marks easily, effectively and efficiently, just like using a pencil eraser! With Vileda Miraclean Eraser your surfaces will look bright and clean again in just a few seconds.

Great for hard to reach areas

Its hexagonal shape is specially suited for cleaning those hard to reach areas.


Just use water!

No chemical cleaners or soaps required, you only need water. After cleaning the surfaces, rinse with water to remove any residue.

Compatible with Vileda Bath Magic

Compatible with the Bath Magic tool which features a telescopic handle for those hard to reach areas without the need to bend or stretch.

Sponge support

Moulded on sponge for absorbency and support.


Always read the label and use only as directed.

Vileda Brand

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