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Premium 2in1 Indoor Airer

Premium 2in1 Indoor Airer

Quick Overview

18 metres of drying space.
Dual use - detachable wing that can be hung on the radiator or balcony.

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Exclusive to Bunnings Australia.

Vileda Premium 2in1 - Exclusive to Bunnings Australia

Flexible laundry drying with the Vileda Premium 2in1


Whether you have a full load or just a few items to dry – the Vileda Premium 2in1 indoor dryer can be made precisely as large or as small as necessary. And if you want to dry a few garments quickly on your radiator, it can be turned into a handy radiator drying rack in no time.


The Vileda Premium 2in1 is so versatile


At first glance, the Vileda Premium 2in1 looks no different from a conventional indoor dryer. In addition to the wide drying surface in the centre, the two wings on the shorter sides offer plenty of room for more laundry.



The special feature of the Vileda Premium 2in1: One of the two wings can be removed and used as a radiator drying rack. To do this, simply detach the joints from the stand and remove the wing. Now take the plastic hangers to the radiator and attach them. Adjust the position if necessary by pushing the hangers forwards or backwards. The radiator drying rack provides enough space for t-shirts and hand towels, for example.


Other practical features


The Vileda Premium 2in1 has even more to offer. For example, there is a special attachment on the long side of the dryer. This can be used to dry smaller garments, such as underwear, socks or small hand towels, without having to use clothes pegs. This saves the space on the large drying surface for larger items. When it is fully assembled and folded out, the Vileda Premium 2in1 has a drying surface of 18 metres. That is enough for up to two loads of laundry.


The dryer features extra-thick drying rods, which means your laundry dries without unsightly folds. This gives you a lighter load on your ironing board and more free time for you.


The Vileda Premium 2in1 is particularly mobile thanks to its two wheels. They allow you to move the dryer around your home, even when it is fully loaded.


Robust and durable


The Vileda Premium 2in1 is made of a robust combination of materials: Coated steel and aluminium ensure stability at a relatively low weight. The plastic parts, such as the arms of the radiator drying rack, are particularly robust and hard-wearing thanks to the use of special Nytrogen Technology.


The airer stands on two wide U-shaped legs that ensure stability and prevent the airer from tipping over. The joints lock into place when the legs are folded out and this keeps them securely in position. This also prevents the dryer from collapsing accidentally.


Premium 2in1 dryer, radiator application


When the Vileda Premium 2in1 is not in use, it can be folded away to save space. The transport lock prevents the wings from folding out accidentally when the dryer is being moved.


Advantages of the Vileda Premium 2in1:


    - Detachable wing that doubles as a radiator drying rack

    - Attachment for smaller garments

    - Wheels to move the dryer around easily

    - Extra-thick drying rods for crease-free laundry


Exclusive to Bunnings Australia


Dimensions: 180 x 57 x 91 cm (L x D x H) 

Colour: White

3-year warranty 

Manufactured in Italy


Additional Information

EAN 40231032002276
Product Width [cm] 180
Product Height [cm] 91
Product Depth [cm] 57

Vileda Brand

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