Organize your cleaning tools with the new Vileda Handle Holder


The Vileda Handle Holder fits most handles* and is designed to organize your cleaning tools, saving you storage space.
Ideal for use in broom cupboards, the laundry, garage, garden shed, workshop or utility room.

Available at Woolworths and our online shop


3 Handle Compartments

The unique friction balls automatically adjust to fit each handle. Suitable for most mop and broom handles.


4 Hanging Hooks

The four space saving, fold down hooks allow you to organize additional cleaning tools like cloths and brushes.**



1. Fold down hooks


2. Insert handle and give a slight pull downwards to secure handle. Friction balls automatically adjust to fit most handles*. Dry mop before hanging.



How to install

  • Not for outdoor use.
  • Do not situate in direct sunlight.
  • NOTE: The wall mounting hardware provided with the unit is for installation on masonry walls only – drill size 7mm.  Before installing make sure that the wall mounting hardware being used is appropriate for the surface you are mounting the unit onto. If you are not mounting onto masonry walls, you’ll need to purchase appropriate hardware for your wall type and follow the manufacturers’ hardware usage guidelines.
  • Ensure that the surface you are mounting onto is able to support the mounted unit and its contents. For stud walls it is essential to mount directly onto a supporting beam, noggin or stud.
  • Use safety equipment during installation. FHP is not responsible for any injury or damage caused while installing this product.

Download and print the template onto A4 size paper then stick the template to the wall in the position that you wish to mount the Handle Holder, using adhesive tape.  Using the point of a drill bit or similar tool, make a mark on the wall at each of the four mounting points.  Remove the template from the wall and drill the wall to receive the wall mounting hardware.  Insert the plugs provided (for masonry walls only) and screw the Handle Holder into place using all four mounting points.

Ensure that the Handle Holder is securely fixed to the wall and then it‘s ready for use.


*Not suitable for lacquered handles.

Always read the packaging, use only as directed

**Hanging hooks are not recommended for items heavier than 300 grams.

Vileda Brand

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