Innovation at its best - The Handi way to fill and go

The Handi way to clean. Handi handles are equipped with Handi clip on newtwist™ for better locking mechanism.


Clip on handi refills the newtwist™ way

No separation of handle and sponge during use

Ergonomic Handle

Designed to fit comfortably in hand


Handi Switch

Makes filling up easy and no wasted detergent


Handi Refillable Handle makes filling up so easy to avoid any wasted detergent. It washes up with precision and suitable to use in the kitchen, bathroom, boat, caravan, and many more. Both ergo and refillable handles are easy to use and fits comfortably with all Handi Refills.

Use it everywhere with assorted refills

Green Heavy Duty

Everyday use

Black Xtra Heavy Duty

for stubborn surfaces

Yellow Micro Soft

delicate non-scratch

Vileda Brand

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