Clean Floors in No Time with the new Vileda UltraMax Easy Twist Mop!

With a revolutionary wringing mechanism and the cleaning power of Microfibre, the Vileda UltraMax Easy Twist Mop will get your floors sparkling clean in no time.

Cleaning has never been so easy, just clean, twist and release!





Revolutionary Wringing Mechanism

Wrings most of the water out leaving your floors cleaner and drier.


Easy Twist technology

Few simple twists of the handle to activates the wringing mechanism.


Fast release button

Once you’ve wrung the water out, just press the release button to take the mop head back to its original position and continue cleaning.




The bumpers will protect your walls and furniture.


Microfibre Cleaning Power + Power Zones

The pad is super absorbent and contains PowerZone fibres for extra thorough cleaning, removing stains and picking up particles and hair.



No need to hand wring wet, dirty pads!



Box set contains

1 X Mop head, 1 X 3 piece handles, and 1x microfibre pad.


Machine washable Pad

Durable material allows machine washing at 40°C-60°C or handwashing at up to 60°C. Caution: Do not bleach or use fabric softener to clean the pad. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Lay pad flat to dry.


Suitable for most hard floor surfaces

Follow floor manufacturers or installers guideleines. Do not use on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpet.



Always read the packaging, use only as directed.



Usage instructions

Wringing instructions:



Pad removal:


Pad replacement:





Microfibre is made up of millions of microscopic fibres that grab and hold dirt, dust, allergens and moisture. It’s so effective that microfibre is a common cleaning tool used in hospitals to keep dirt and germs away.

 If in doubt refer to the floor manufacture’s and/or installer’s instructions. Vileda is not responsible for the misuse of this product.


Can’t twist the mop head?

Place your mop head at a 90 degree angle before you twist the handle.


Can’t release the mop head?

If the mop head gets stuck while wringing try the following:

1) Press the release button several times making sure it is fully released. If it gets too tight you may need more force.

2) If the pad only releases half way, give the handle an additional small twist and press the release button.

If this doesn’t work please contact our customer service line (1800 500 513) and we will help.

Leaves streaks on the floor?

Machine wash at 40°C-60°C or hand wash at up to 60°C. Do not wash cleaning pad with fabric softener. Do not wash with clothes that have open zips. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Hang to dry. On delicate surfaces please try on an inconspicuous area first.

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