The new Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop – The easy alternative to steam!


Vileda 100° Hot Spray


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The Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop is a great alternative to a steam mop, with the added benefit of being cordless when in use.

As the Vileda 100°C is lightweight it’s easy to use all around the home even upstairs. 

A hygienic way to clean

Thanks to the jets of hot spray and the powerful cleaning performance of the microfibre pad, the Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop removes 99.9% of Bacteria from your floors (tested on Bacteria E.Coli) without the need to use any chemicals!


Main features

Vileda 100° Hot Spray


Unlike a steam mop, the 100°C Hot Spray Mop does not need a cable when it’s in use. This makes cleaning a lot more convenient as there is no cable to get caught around furniture.

Vileda 100° Hot Spray

Superior Cleaning Microfibre Pad

The unique 3D Microfibre pad lets the hot water penetrate through the knitted material onto the floor, giving a fantastic cleaning result, no more greasy marks!

The durable pad is also easy to attach and can be washed again and again in the washing machine.

Vileda 100° Hot Spray

For all hard floor surfaces

The Vileda 100°C Hot Spray Mop can be used on all hard floor surfaces, such as wood, laminate and tiles.

Vileda 100° Hot Spray

Easy to use

100°C is lightweight, so is easy to carry around the home.  Its triangular shaped head effectively cleans into corners, whilst the swivel head maneuvers around table legs and other obstacles with ease.


Ready to use in 90 seconds -

3 simple steps:

Vileda 100° C

Stand the mop upright and pour water into the tank until the yellow indictor pops up. No need to add any chemicals as the hot water + microfibre pad removes 99.9% of bacteria.

Vileda 100° C

Plug the cable in and push the yellow ON/OFF button: Wait 90 seconds, the Vileda 100° Hot Spray Mop is now ready to use!

Remove the cable from the mop, and begin to clean your home cordlessly.

Vileda 100° C

To use: simply pull the trigger on the handle to spray the hot water onto the microfibre pad. The trigger gives you total control over how much water is sprayed. This is extremely important on more delicate surfaces such as wood and laminate. 

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