The new EasyWring Ultramat – For powerful floor cleaning and wringing without efforts!


How it works

Easy to unfold the frame

Easy mop insertion with funnel

Different pressures for optimal dry control




Premium Foot Pedal for Easy Wringing

With the special mechanical foot pedal you activate the wringer cage and you have optimal control about your mop humidity. Easy wringing and cleaning with less effort and without getting your hands wet or dirty. Adapted to both triangular mop and UltraMax flatmop

Microfibre cleaning power & absorbency

With the microfiber you achieve excellent cleaning results. As you can control the mop humidity you can clean all types of floors including delicate surfaces like parquets and laminate

Funnel for Easy Mop Insertion

The optimal funnel is ideal for an easy mop insertion


Suitable for all floors

Machine washable

At 60 degrees

Water Splash Protection

Vileda Brand

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