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  • Window Cloth pack shot Vileda

    Window Cloth

    Vileda's Window cleaning cloth makes cleaning window's easier and leaves a streak free finish. A long lasting cloth that can be washed again and ag... Learn More


  • Style Dish Cloth pack shot Vileda

    Style Dish Cloth

    The Vileda Style Dish Cloths are made from a special blend of fibres which provide great absorbency and durability, ideal for wiping kitchen surfaces Learn More


  • Style Sunsplash pack shot Vileda

    Style Sunsplash

    Vileda's Style Sunsplash All Purpose cleaning cloth makes cleaning simple and painless. Take a look at our All Purpose cleaning cloths! Learn More


  • Sponge Cloth pack shot Vileda

    Sponge Cloth

    The Vileda Sponge cloths are super absorbent and long lasting. They wipe down surfaces without leaving streaks or lint. Perfect! Learn More


  • Microfibre Soft Dust Cloth  pack shot Vileda

    Microfibre Soft Dust Cloth

    Vileda's Microfibre Dust Cloth is a soft cloth that picks up 40% more dust than a standard dust cloth. This cloth even helps to remove greasy mark... Learn More


  • Power Sponge Cloth pack shot Vileda

    Power Sponge Cloth

    The Vileda Power Sponge cloths are super absorbent and long lasting with the improved cleaning performance of power lines for those really stubborn... Learn More


  • Kitchen Microfibre

    Kitchen Microfibre

    This superior Microfibre cloth includes power zones which remove burnt on dirt, limescale and stubborn marks without scratching. Buy Yours Now! Learn More


  • Magical


    The Vileda Magical system ensures your clean surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Learn More


8 Item(s)

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