Cleaning Robots

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  • Vacuum Robot VR 101

    Vacuum Robot VR 101

    Great vacuum robot for sweeping and dusting all kind of hard floors and short-pile carpets or rugs up to 1 cm. Learn More


  • Vileda VR 301 robot

    Robot VR 301

    A powerful three-step cleaning system consisting of a side brush, two main brushes and a vacuum picks up dirt particles, dust and crumbs. It perfor... Learn More


  • Vileda cleaning robot GREY

    Vileda cleaning robot GREY

    The vaccum robot for keeping your floors clean! Its intelligent navigation system ensures the whole floor surface is covered. Ideal for all hard f... Learn More


  • Relax Cleaning Robot

    Relax Cleaning Robot

    Relax - and let it clean for you! The Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot cleans around your rooms whilst you sit back and relax! The intelligent navigati... Learn More


4 Item(s)

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